The Customer-Base Audit: The First Step on the Journey to Customer Centricity, with Professor Peter Fader

Date and Time
Thursday, March 16, 2023
12:00pm— 1:30pm
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Wharton Club of Atlanta presents The Customer-Base Audit, a discussion with Professor Peter Fader

Professor Fader will discuss his new book, The Customer-Base-Audit: The First Step on the Journey to Customer Centricity (Wharton School Press). First, he will explain the connections between this book and his other research/teaching/consulting activities (including his two previous books and the two companies he co-founded). Then he will take a deeper dive into some of the primary concepts/frameworks from the book, and will lead a discussion about its implications for global executives.


Event Date & Time:  March 16th at 12:00 pm ET, via Zoom

Speaker Bio:


Peter Fader is the Frances and Pei-Yuan Chia Professor of Marketing at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. His expertise centers around the analysis of behavioral data to understand and forecast customer shopping/purchasing activities. He works with firms from a wide range of industries, such as telecommunications, financial services, gaming/entertainment, retailing, and pharmaceuticals. Managerial applications focus on topics such as customer relationship management, lifetime value of the customer, and sales forecasting for new products. Much of his research highlights the consistent (but often surprising) behavioral patterns that exist across these industries and other seemingly different domains.

Fader is the author of three books: “Customer Centricity: Focus on the Right Customers for Strategic Advantage” (2020), “The Customer Centricity Playbook” with Sarah Toms (2018), and “The Customer-Base Audit” with Bruce Hardie and Michael Ross (2022). He has won many awards for his research and teaching accomplishments.


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