Webinar: Land Your Next Executive-Level Job Without Applying Online

Date and Time
Tuesday, May 28, 2024
7:30pm— 8:45pm
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Dr. Jeremy Gartner, Wharton MBA, is conducting a webinar for Wharton alumni.



In an ever-evolving job market, the traditional approach to career advancement is no longer sufficient. Join this interactive workshop with Dr. Jeremy Gartner, where we delve into the future of executive job search strategies.


This session is designed to arm you with practical tools and a revolutionary mindset, transforming the way you navigate your career path.


What You Will Learn:

- Asset Creation Mastery: Discover how to craft compelling assets beyond your resume. From creating a powerful personal brand to strategic networking, learn how to build and leverage assets that attract high-level opportunities directly to you.

- Business Ownership Mindset: Shift your perspective on career management by adopting the principles of business ownership. Understand your career as a unique 'business entity', where you are the CEO making strategic decisions to grow and scale.


Why This Workshop is a Must-Attend:

- Actionable Strategies: Move beyond theory with practical tools and templates designed to be implemented immediately, setting you on a path to career success.

- Wide Appeal: Whether you’re aiming to break into the executive level or seeking to solidify your leadership presence, this webinar offers valuable insights applicable across industries and career stages.

- Proven Success: Benefit from Jeremy's extensive experience in helping professionals secure VP-level positions and above, with strategies tested and refined through real-world application.


This webinar is not just another career advice session. It's a transformative experience designed to equip you with a comprehensive toolkit for career excellence. By viewing your career through the lens of a business owner, you'll unlock new levels of strategic thinking and opportunity generation.


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About the Speaker:
Dr. Jeremy Gartner, Wharton MBA, has built a career out of ignoring traditional career advice to land high-profile roles at the world's most prestigious organizations, including CERN, Northrop Grumman and leading MedTech companies. In addition, he has submitted 13 patents, obtained a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering, was the Lead Recruiter for Becton Dickinson's top leadership program and acts as the CERN Alumni Lead for the New York Region.
After accelerating his career and helping countless others do the same, Dr. Garter founded Career Propulsion, an executive career coaching firm. Today, Career Propulsion works with executives to land coveted and often unadvertised Director, VP or C-Suite roles using a proprietary framework with an 88% hiring success rate and an average 65% increase in salary.
With the hiring market as competitive as ever, Career Propulsion's mission is to demystify the business of careers and shine a light on effective approaches to securing a new job and succeeding in existing roles. Dr. Garter and his team are committed to helping job seekers land their dream jobs by leveraging the power of a community and reinventing the rules of the game - one successful hire at a time.

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