Customer Centricity Webinar with Pete Fader

Date and Time
Wednesday, November 3, 2021
3:00pm— 4:00pm
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Wharton Global Clubs is inviting you to a special virtual event with Professor Pete Fader.  Last time Professor Fader was with us, he introduced his new research agenda focusing on ways of valuing corporations from the "bottom up" — i.e., determining the forward-looking financial valuation of the customer base — as a complementary perspective to the standard "top down" methodologies that dominate current valuation practice.  Since then, this “CBCV” approach has been picking up lots of momentum through new papers and the work that Theta has been doing with investors, corporations, and in its partnerships with various consulting and analytics providers.  We will discuss this progress, possible next steps, and its implications for future business practices.  We hope you will join us!